Our Experts



I was born in Bedford, Texas where I lived until the age of 18 when I moved to Port Charlotte, Florida. 

Moving to Florida in 1994 I worked for my future father-in-law doing drywall in his company for two years before he allowed me marry his daughter. Not only did I end up with a great wife and family but I ended up with a great construction trade as well!

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur owning an aluminum gutter business, carpet cleaning business, another drywall company, and consulting company as well as a software company. 

From 2004 until 2017 I was a pastor in two churches in Texas. Those years gave me the opportunity to become an author of two books and an international speaker. 

It was always a dream of our family to live in Colorado. We vacationed here several times a year and when I exited church staff we moved to Colorado in 2017. Living here has been even better than we expected.

My consulting company and software analytics company kept me on the road from 2017 until 2019 for 200,000 miles per year. I gave up that life on the road, that I didn’t like, and decided to anchor in to stay home starting another drywall company giving me more time at home with my family. 

Bigfoot Drywall was founded in September 2019. I have a simple vision to bring honor to the tradesmen in our company as we provide high-quality services for builders, homeowners and commercial contractors. 

I love working with tools in hand but mostly I spend time in the office or with our clients. Our business is growing and we have a fantastic team. 

I have been known to be longwinded :)



Chief Operations Officer

I grew up moving around the country with my family following my father’s 30-year U.S. Navy career.  We lived in California, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Washington.  I graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1985 and then completed a 20-year career in the Navy.

During the first 5 years of my career, I was assigned to two ships homeported in Pear Harbor.  I was the Anti-submarine Warfare Officer, Operations Officer and Navigator during these two assignments.  I then applied for and was approved to transfer into the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps (CEC).  While serving 15 years in the CEC, I worked in public works management, construction management and strategic planning and budgeting.  After my Navy retirement, my family moved to Colorado Springs where I joined Young Life, a Christian youth ministry, as the Director of Construction.  I oversaw the very large construction program for all Young Life camps, domestic and international.   This program included projects ranging from small single $1 million projects to and entire camp project of $40 million.

I joined Bigfoot Drywall in September 2020 seeking the excitement of a small business start-up.  I am very dedicated to Gunnar’s vision of bringing honor to the tradesmen in our company as we provide high-quality services to builders, homeowners and commercial contractors.  I am dedicated to supporting our desire to exceed all quality and cost expectations.

Mark enjoys working on his 1975 Triumph TR-6, bicycling, fly fishing and hiking.



Senior Project Manager

Chay lived his childhood years in Dallas, TX  until moving to New Orleans, LA to pursue a love for the Culinary and Hospitality industry. It was there that he developed his skill sets in customer relations as well as team management . After meeting his beautiful wife Claire, they decided to move their young family to the inspiring landscapes of Colorado. Bringing along a naturally formed "southern hospitality" and a learned experience for operations management and team building to our Colorado Bigfoot Drywall family.



Jedi Master of Drywall

Steve has been in the drywall trade most of his life and can fix anything! That is why we call him the "Jedi Master of Drywall" He is our premier patch man. 
Married to his high school sweetheart for more than 50 years! Steve and Debbie have 3 kids and 9 grandkids.